how to run wpscan on windows

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wpscan on windows

in this post i will show you how to run wpscan on windows , i test it on windows 7 , windows 10 and its work .

before we start take

Development Kit for rubyinstaller
curl DLL for windows : libcurl.dll

1 - install rubyinstaller

you must have Ruby 2.2.3 version .

download links here :

for more info :

2 - install Development Kit for rubyinstaller

download link :

how to install :

if you face that problem  "unknown encoding name -  (ArgumentError)"

unknown encoding name -  (ArgumentError)

just type "chcp 1252" in cmd and hit enter

3 - install libcurl.dll

A - Download libcurl.dll

from :

B - copy libcurl.dll

copy  libcurl.dll into ruby bin folder or wpscan folder and make sure to add it to your PATH. I also added .DLL to PATHEXT ex :


you can visit :
to know to set the path and environment variables in Windows

4 - Download wpscan and install

Download from official website :

unzip and rename output forder to wpscan

now open cmd in and type these commands

chcp 1252

cd  C:\wpscan

gem install bundler && bundle install --without test

5 - run wpscan

cd wpscan

wpscan.rb --url

wpscan on windows

and its work

if you have any problem leave comment below